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Huhtamaki Foodservice Poland - your supplier of disposable packaging

We are a market leader and expert producer of paper, plastic, flexible and molded fibre packaging. The contemporary consumer holding a cup of hot coffee or eating a delicious snack expects that the quality of packaging is equivalent to the quality of its contents.

For 90 years globally and 20 years in Poland Huhtamaki has presented a wide range of disposable  packaging characterized by superior quality and attractive design. We know how to  make your brand distinctive from others and encourage consumers to choose it. 

As a market leader in selected areas Huhtamaki Foodservice, irrespective of the location, is able to supply its customers with packaging that meets the highest quality standards at competitive prices.

as pioneers in the packaging industry, we focus on PEFC certified                                        

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         Trays made from expanded polystyrene (XPS) to all kinds of poultry, meat, fish, cheese, vegetables and fruit

     Keep freshness!